Wednesday, June 3, 2009

poem written by Miythran

a lovely poem written by him for me*no changes have been made*

You made us happy with your bright smile,
everyday when the sun is about to rise,
I wake up to see my timetable,
and hope that there will be English lessons,
So that I can see you,
And enjoy English lessons with you.

Among all the teachers i have known,
You are the best and most wonderful,
Nobody in the world can replace you,
As the best Englsih teacher in the world.

I will never forget the good times we had,
And I hope you don't forget it too,
I am very sad you are leaving us,
but life has to carry on,
As it will never wait for anyone.

So goodbye teacher, I'm wishing,
And don't ever forget me in your life,
As I will always remember you,
No matter how much you scold me,
You are the best teacher in the universe.

From your best student, Miythran

p/s:imagine 13-year-old boy wrote this..amazing..thank u miythran:)love this

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