Saturday, November 14, 2009

teacher syaza in newspaper

My teaching story was being covered in Kosmo! newspaper... at that time I was in part 3 ..i was 21 years old..

teaching kids

hahhaha ...big smile hurm?

ok these pictures were taken i was first started to was in a language centre..i was 20 at that time.some of them were 4 and the oldest one was 11 years old..they were all was not easy to teach kids..because they have lots of reasons..naughty..hyper active..

somehow i enjoyed teaching them..these picture were taken during field trip to bomba..
the best experience was when 2 of my students that I trained won ERICAN Cup for story-telling competition..selected to compete with other students throughout Malaysia..and both were 4 and 5 years old...

actually I felt so happy not only because both of them, i felt a winner at that time because all my students managed to memorize the whole a4 storylines.(it was not easy you know for small kids)..

anyway, i miss all of them...i hope all of them will become successful people when they grow up..

while giving lecture ..

this was taken when i was in Penang..Penang Sandy Beach hotel..i was sent there to give lecture(English Course) for staff in Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia throughout Malaysia.
I want to express my gratitude to Mr.Deen, Kak Nod and to all my students there for having faith in my teaching ability and giving outstanding cooperation..i really enjoyed myself while giving lecture there from April 26 until April 30, 2009.

miss syaza

teacher syaza is back!

hello everyone..happy stupendous sunday people..
i know i's been long time i have not updated my teaching is because i was totally busy with fact i wish i have 34 hours in a day!
only god knows how busy i am throughout these 6 months..
but somehow i am still teaching for your info..
at the moment, i am teaching english for adult students (private coaching)..
i love teaching..
teaching is totally my passion..
i enjoy putting 'input' to other people:)
anyway i am back..
insya allah, i will update my blog with lots of fun stuff, share exciting info and experiences..
please be patient..
under construction...hahaha
to all my students or ex students..i really miss all of u...cherish all our memories..
if u have anything u want to share or ask...i am all here for u...

teacher syaza!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


the meaning of syaza

S-is for the sentences you teach

Y-is for yesterday's fun

A-is for your aim in teaching us

Z-is for zillions of things you teach

A-is our appreciation of having you

by: Jmee, Ivan, Justine, Chun Ken, Tsha Men, Julian (1 Hormat, smk seafield 2009)

thank u's really sweet..i put it here to let you know..i read this and remember you)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

by Priyanka Kimberley

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away,
I wrote your name in the sand,
But the ocean swept it away,
I wrote your name in my heart,
And forever it will stay.

written by Kimberley (ahahhaha i love to call u Kimberley cos it sounds cute like u)

p/s: u know what Kimberley, u remind me of sailorMoon..cos u have long hair n bubbly personality ehhehee

the plan

today..i have been invited by may yean from 2 Budi to join their hangout..catch a movie n eating..after all, we haven't met for quite some time i just realize today is June 4th may yean's Birthday...happy birthday may yean..i am not sure am i going or not..but if i do, let's have fun but if i don't...don't be sad..just have fun..ok..miss you guys~

my last moment with 2 Budi

thanks for throwing me a surprise pizza farewell party..miss em much

poem written by Miythran

a lovely poem written by him for me*no changes have been made*

You made us happy with your bright smile,
everyday when the sun is about to rise,
I wake up to see my timetable,
and hope that there will be English lessons,
So that I can see you,
And enjoy English lessons with you.

Among all the teachers i have known,
You are the best and most wonderful,
Nobody in the world can replace you,
As the best Englsih teacher in the world.

I will never forget the good times we had,
And I hope you don't forget it too,
I am very sad you are leaving us,
but life has to carry on,
As it will never wait for anyone.

So goodbye teacher, I'm wishing,
And don't ever forget me in your life,
As I will always remember you,
No matter how much you scold me,
You are the best teacher in the universe.

From your best student, Miythran

p/s:imagine 13-year-old boy wrote this..amazing..thank u miythran:)love this
Poem written by my form 1 Hormat students for me *no changes have been made*

teachers come along along often,
but every so often,
one comes along that you'll always remember,
one who makes learning an adventure,
the kind who can make you
want to be the very best you can be,
someone you can really talk to,
who really cares.
Just wanted you to know,
that person is you.

my dream comes true

hello everyone..i am so glad..i finally have a chance to put words and share my work and experiences with you especially to all my lovely students that i taught before...i dedicated this blog to all my students out there...i have been teaching for almost 4years..thank u for giving me opportunities not just to teach u but actually learn from you..

i also put some photos n poems written by my students as tokens of appreciation..i want all of u to know that u guys are special to me and you'll always be ya..don't forget to put some comments here...

lastly, i am sorry for any wrongdoings or jokes...

lav lav,
teacher syaza