Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 gonna end soon

Hi people.
2012 is approaching and we gonna say bye to 2011.
2011 has been so nice&not so nice to me.
but one thing for sure,i'm more matured in some ways.
people come and go
but the memories remain
it's hard to explain what i've been through-changing careers from Master Trainer to lecturer,neighbourhood,vehicles,rship
but one thing for sure
my students keep me going
they're my strength
have you ever experienced sometimes you feel hopeless,helpless
i am sure you have bcos we're humans
you cant ran away from reality
but every time i go for teaching
each time i look at their faces
i can see my students' hopes
that's a small joy for an educator like me
thanks 2011
for teaching me..
what life is all about..


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good morning sunshine!hurm surprise!yeah been busy lately.If you're following my facebook, i am sure you read what i have been up to.

lots of ppl sent me msg via fb inbox asking why i didn't update this blog.mann am busy..but really tq for ur sweet of u..wish this blogspot available in bb app.easy for me to update.

yeah so many things and downs.but i am still busy teaching everywhere.but some of my students now are japanese and koreans. teaching is my passion,still.
will update insya hows life people?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi people Hi my students,

here we time flies very fast right? there were so many things occurred in our lives..sad,bad,silly,happy moments..

whatever it is i wish u all the best..good luck for your future undertaking..Happy new year..and dont forget to write 10 resolutions because they give you a set of guidelines and directions in your me.

Love ya:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Morning friends. First of all,it's never too late for me to wish all my students who scored excellent results in PMR especially a string of As. I know what it feels after all the hardships and sacrifice ..I am sure your parents are really proud of u.:)

I remember when I was at your age..15!I was really active in school and I was in the athlete class. So you can imagine how busy i was.My daily routine: went to school early in the morning (SIGS), after school i went for the training in the afternoon . I reached home at 7.30pm because my school was really far. then 8pm i had to attend a tuition class. At that time, I was busy with tennis tournament MSSJ. But last minute, my dad did not allow me to join the competition. I was really frustrated.really , I mean! I always wanted to be a tennis player hehhe at that time.

Normally my parents had no issues about my sport activities ..I represented school for softball and squash tournaments as well. So, after that incident, I was really broken hearted. So I studied really really hard. I stopped joining all the activities, I seldom hung out and err dating;p, friends wont see me online (MIRC at that time;p)..after school, I spent 2-3 hours after school and read books. My tuition class ended at 10pm after that i spent another 2 hours to study until 12am.

When the result came out, i was really shocked because all the hardships were paid off. I scored straight As and my best friend scored 7As. I was really happy. What I want to share here is
Dont be sad if what you always want in life you cannot get. You must get up and strive harder. There is something for you but you have not realized yet. I always motivate my students, " Everyone deserves an A. it is the matter you want it or not".

Lastly, i want to congratulate Wee Soo Yen who scores A for Bahasa Arab PMR. I am truly amazed. So people,if she can do it, why cant you. I am sure you can master English if you're willing to invest effort,time, money ..if you want:)I told my students English is just like reciting Al Quran. If you seldom recite ..after a while, it'll be hard for you to pronounce the words. Same like English. I suggest you read a short English article every day verbally.choose your favourite 'light' "soften" your tongue..You'll see the difference (because I used to do that everyday)..

Good luck and have a nice day:)

Fun vs Funny

today i had to invigilate cambridge test with my students.
during speaking test:

teachersyaza:ann yin,pls suggest 1 interesting place if ur pen friend wanna come here.pls state why using adjective.
ann yin:i suggest genting bcos it's funny!
teachersyaza:ann yin u must work hard n learn about is fun, not funny!(giggled continuously)hahaha.(we laughed together)

p/s:she wanted to say fun but ended up as funny.ann yin, u are really funny indeed;)

Assalamualaikum people,
Oh my's been a while i haven't updated my blog.people keep asking me but no reply.until today i feel so guilty when ben ashaari has posted my blog address on his blog.hahaha..
really i dont have time..there were so many things happened in my life this year..actually i havent stopped teaching online.perhaps if u r my loyal facebook followers Syaza Agnes ,you'd receive update from me what i am doing every single day:)

anyway for those who wants to learn english, i often update new english vocab on my facebook page: click this Syaza Agnes Page since i love sharing knowledge.sharing is caring;)

Right now i am busy teaching (part time) fact today i had to invigilate cambridge english test for my students..besides, i am busy working( am working as a full time trainer)..and studying (I am doing PHD in Educational psychology) so sometimes i can be psycho too haha...I am kidding of course..please wish me luck..the more I gain, the more I can share with people..that's the most important thing in my life...i miss you people;)

keep in touch ya!May Allah bless all of us amin:)thank you for your support:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

advice and advise

morning everyone. how was the first task.easy or difficult? you must try.learning a language needs an effort.a lot of people they say they want to improve but they sit and do nothing.if you want to excel, you must put away the attitude ok:)

anyway today i want to explain, do you know the differences between advice and an English tutor, i find a lot of students misunderstand advice and advise.

advice (noun)-nasihat
-My mother gave me an advice before she left.

advise (verb)- menasihati
-I advise you to stop smoking

now can u see the difference?another tip is for advise (verb) , u can change it to past tense. for example: advised. however, u cannot do "adviced" right.

that's all for today.hope you can gain something from here

teacher syaza