Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 gonna end soon

Hi people.
2012 is approaching and we gonna say bye to 2011.
2011 has been so nice&not so nice to me.
but one thing for sure,i'm more matured in some ways.
people come and go
but the memories remain
it's hard to explain what i've been through-changing careers from Master Trainer to lecturer,neighbourhood,vehicles,rship
but one thing for sure
my students keep me going
they're my strength
have you ever experienced sometimes you feel hopeless,helpless
i am sure you have bcos we're humans
you cant ran away from reality
but every time i go for teaching
each time i look at their faces
i can see my students' hopes
that's a small joy for an educator like me
thanks 2011
for teaching me..
what life is all about..


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