Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Assalamualaikum people,
Oh my god...it's been a while i haven't updated my blog.people keep asking me but no reply.until today i feel so guilty when ben ashaari has posted my blog address on his blog.hahaha..
really i dont have time..there were so many things happened in my life this year..actually i havent stopped teaching online.perhaps if u r my loyal facebook followers Syaza Agnes ,you'd receive update from me what i am doing every single day:)

anyway for those who wants to learn english, i often update new english vocab on my facebook page: click this Syaza Agnes Page since i love sharing knowledge.sharing is caring;)

Right now i am busy teaching (part time)..in fact today i had to invigilate cambridge english test for my students..besides, i am busy working( am working as a full time trainer)..and studying (I am doing PHD in Educational psychology) so sometimes i can be psycho too haha...I am kidding of course..please wish me luck..the more I gain, the more I can share with people..that's the most important thing in my life...i miss you people;)

keep in touch ya!May Allah bless all of us amin:)thank you for your support:)