Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Morning friends. First of all,it's never too late for me to wish all my students who scored excellent results in PMR especially a string of As. I know what it feels after all the hardships and sacrifice ..I am sure your parents are really proud of u.:)

I remember when I was at your age..15!I was really active in school and I was in the athlete class. So you can imagine how busy i was.My daily routine: went to school early in the morning (SIGS), after school i went for the training in the afternoon . I reached home at 7.30pm because my school was really far. then 8pm i had to attend a tuition class. At that time, I was busy with tennis tournament MSSJ. But last minute, my dad did not allow me to join the competition. I was really frustrated.really , I mean! I always wanted to be a tennis player hehhe at that time.

Normally my parents had no issues about my sport activities ..I represented school for softball and squash tournaments as well. So, after that incident, I was really broken hearted. So I studied really really hard. I stopped joining all the activities, I seldom hung out and err dating;p, friends wont see me online (MIRC at that time;p)..after school, I spent 2-3 hours after school and read books. My tuition class ended at 10pm after that i spent another 2 hours to study until 12am.

When the result came out, i was really shocked because all the hardships were paid off. I scored straight As and my best friend scored 7As. I was really happy. What I want to share here is
Dont be sad if what you always want in life you cannot get. You must get up and strive harder. There is something for you but you have not realized yet. I always motivate my students, " Everyone deserves an A. it is the matter you want it or not".

Lastly, i want to congratulate Wee Soo Yen who scores A for Bahasa Arab PMR. I am truly amazed. So people,if she can do it, why cant you. I am sure you can master English if you're willing to invest effort,time, money ..if you want:)I told my students English is just like reciting Al Quran. If you seldom recite ..after a while, it'll be hard for you to pronounce the words. Same like English. I suggest you read a short English article every day verbally.choose your favourite 'light' article..to "soften" your tongue..You'll see the difference (because I used to do that everyday)..

Good luck and have a nice day:)

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