Tuesday, February 23, 2010

advice and advise

morning everyone. how was the first task.easy or difficult? you must try.learning a language needs an effort.a lot of people they say they want to improve but they sit and do nothing.if you want to excel, you must put away the attitude ok:)

anyway today i want to explain, do you know the differences between advice and advise.as an English tutor, i find a lot of students misunderstand advice and advise.

advice (noun)-nasihat
-My mother gave me an advice before she left.

advise (verb)- menasihati
-I advise you to stop smoking

now can u see the difference?another tip is for advise (verb) , u can change it to past tense. for example: advised. however, u cannot do "adviced" right.

that's all for today.hope you can gain something from here

teacher syaza

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  1. The sort of common mistakes one might oftenly do without realizing. This could be quite an advise, no?

    And for anything that matters, hello, agnes :)