Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lesson no.1

hi everyone.thanks for joining me here.so are you ready to start our lesson?now i am going to provide you notes about phrasal verbs (oxford, n.d)

put away -return to its proper place
put by -save
put in -spend time or energy doing
put off -discourage/delay
put out -extinguish
put through-connect by telephone

now what you should do:
understand these phrasal verbs (u may google or find dictionaries).don't ask me ok..then write one sentence for each (on your own please)and post here.

p/s:we are going to do peer editing.not only me.your friends here as well are going to read and edit your sentences.don't feel shy after all we are all learning right.best of luck!

teacher syaza


  1. Put away - Can you put away your smelly shoes from me?
    Put by - ?? i dont know teacher
    Put in - What can and cannot be put in a garbage disposal?
    Put off - Can i put off paying house rental this month?
    Put out - Manchester put out a dream their rivals.
    Put Through - Someone put me through the manager office

  2. ok very good.we'll wait for the rest ok then we check together:)thanks for trying:)

  3. put away- Teacher always smiles because she put all the negative thoughts away in her class.

    put by- Because teacher has a lot of friends,some of them have been put by.

    put in - The on-line teacher always put in a good words for her students.

    put off - The English teacher doesn't like to put off replying comment in facebook.. Ahaks!!

    put out - My teacher is so nice because she likes to put out her anger easily... hehehee...

    put through - The English teacher have put me through a lot of trouble...hehehee...

  4. put away - Could you please put away those dog?
    put by - She's been put by for not coming the rehearsal.
    put in - Please put in the Cigar back.
    put off - Can i put off your shoes?
    put out - This Brochures need to put out before this weekend.
    put through - You have to put through me 1'st.

    p/s: Very broken English. Help me. :)

  5. put away -return to its proper place
    put by -save
    put in -spend time or energy doing
    put off -discourage/delay
    put out -extinguish
    put through-connect by telephone

    Put away the cat into it's cage because i cannot stand with "bulu-buluan".

    i put by your name with your matric card number, so that i can check your final results.

    i love to put in my life with my mother

    don't let people 'put off' you from doing a good thing.*ahhh..macam tahi la ayat ni..mesti salah..teacher2 help me..atas2 pun salah tp rase yg ni terpaling salah*

    i want to put out all the bad memories with kerempeng.

    put through into line 3100 please??

    aahhh..finally...teacher2..please help me..