Saturday, November 14, 2009

teaching kids

hahhaha ...big smile hurm?

ok these pictures were taken i was first started to was in a language centre..i was 20 at that time.some of them were 4 and the oldest one was 11 years old..they were all was not easy to teach kids..because they have lots of reasons..naughty..hyper active..

somehow i enjoyed teaching them..these picture were taken during field trip to bomba..
the best experience was when 2 of my students that I trained won ERICAN Cup for story-telling competition..selected to compete with other students throughout Malaysia..and both were 4 and 5 years old...

actually I felt so happy not only because both of them, i felt a winner at that time because all my students managed to memorize the whole a4 storylines.(it was not easy you know for small kids)..

anyway, i miss all of them...i hope all of them will become successful people when they grow up..


  1. salam,

    slmt pg cikgu!!!

    nice looking teacher..wish i can go back to my schooling time and had a gorgeous teacher like ms syaza :)