Saturday, November 14, 2009

teacher syaza is back!

hello everyone..happy stupendous sunday people..
i know i's been long time i have not updated my teaching is because i was totally busy with fact i wish i have 34 hours in a day!
only god knows how busy i am throughout these 6 months..
but somehow i am still teaching for your info..
at the moment, i am teaching english for adult students (private coaching)..
i love teaching..
teaching is totally my passion..
i enjoy putting 'input' to other people:)
anyway i am back..
insya allah, i will update my blog with lots of fun stuff, share exciting info and experiences..
please be patient..
under construction...hahaha
to all my students or ex students..i really miss all of u...cherish all our memories..
if u have anything u want to share or ask...i am all here for u...

teacher syaza!

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